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Metal Star S.R.L este o companie privata infiintata in anul 2001, in Alba Iulia, prin capital integral romanesc.

Cu o experiență de peste 23 de ani, ne aflam astazi, in topul furnizorilor din Romania, oferind soluții și tehnologii complete pentru prelucrările mecanice.

Parteneriatele stabile dezvoltate de-a lungul timpului cu producători de renume mondial ne recomandă printre puținii furnizori care oferă acces - de la o singură sursă - la scule aschietoare, echipamente, accesorii și servicii conexe.

Modelul nostru de afaceri asigura fiecarui client sansa de a obtine avantaje competitive prin reducerea timpilor de prelucrare, a efortului si a grijilor legate de o aprovizionare corecta si eficienta.

De la business la business, Metal Star este furnizorul ideal pentru susținerea și creșterea productivitatii afacerii tale!

Complete Solutions

In recent years, we have maintained a constant concern for facilitating customers' access to our products and services, in order to improve the performance of their activity.

The complex range of our products allows us to come today in support of the Romanian production business with a wide range of cutting tools and accessories, fluids and machines - intended for metalworking.

All these include the complex and specific needs of companies in the industries today: automotive, aeronautics, energy, oil and gas, general engineering, etc.

Besides the rich portfolio, we offer consulting and technical support specialized in the acquisition of cutting tools (turning tools, milling cutters, drills, taps, reamers, etc.) and accessories for machine tools (threading heads, high precision tool holders, driven tool holders, devices clamping and fixing, high precision equipment for metal processing and mold polishing, technologies / equipment for molds welding and reconditioning, etc.).

We ensure their correct functionality through dedicated trainings, specific to each technological process.

Thus, the experience gained by our team over time, but also the vast portfolio of products and services, offers the chance to any partner of Metal Star to have access to complex and customized solutions, regardless of the industry in which it operates.

Currently, we are among the few suppliers that offer complete solutions and technologies in metal processing, at the customer's request.

Experts in providing solutions in metal cutting

The complete range of our products contains professional tools and methods for:

● Drilling, Chamfering, Boring
● Threading
● Turning
● Milling
● Clamping accessories for machine tools
● Measuring and control devices (AMC)
● Hand tools
● Cutting, Polishing, Sanding, Mold repairs
● Machines, Tools and Electrical Equipment
● Occupational Safety and Protection Equipment
● Accessories and consumables, Lubricants and Industrial Oils

Our mission is to offer the highest quality services to our clients and partners on the Romanian industrial supplies market.

Metal Star offers itself as a reliable partner by:

● 99% availability of the requested products
● Over 36 world top manufacturers
● Peste 700 de clienti fideli
● Consumable deliveries
● Specific trainings


Metal Star: The choice of professionals

Designed by professionals for professionals, Metal Star incorporates the knowledge and experience of people passionate about engineering and metalworking techniques.

As a partner of your business, Metal Star will channel the energy and skill of its team to help support and develop the manufacturing process in which you are involved.

Your needs as a customer will be a constant priority for our team, with the aim of providing all the necessary tools, equipment, complete accessories and technology, which can help you carry out your activity, in conditions of maximum performance.

The vast portfolio of products and services of our suppliers can guarantee you access to complex solutions, which can bring you benefits of cost reduction, efficiency and long-term competitiveness.