In order to obtain exceptional results in the deburring and polishing processes, Metal Star offers you a wide range of CNC solutions - from the world's top supplier Xebec.

XEBEC Technology (Japan)

It specializes in finishing metal surfaces by developing innovative deburring tools and solutions. They provide support for industries such as: automobiles, aircraft, medical industry, household electronics etc.

The tools for deburring and CNC polishing from Xebec brand are an excellent solution for:

- deburring after front milling, end milling and drilling;
- removal of cutting marks and polishing of the surface;
- deburring after milling, threading and drilling;
- polishing on the side surface and the inner diameter;
- removing the cutting marks and polishing the inner diameter;
- removal of cutting marks and polishing on the flat surface;
- deburring the holes;
- polishing and deburring the molds.

You can select a tool according to part profile and / or processing method before deburring.

The Metal Star Metal Star from Xebec/Kempf, includes the most diverse and unusual deburring operations, through a vast portfolio of deburring tools, available for any application:

Deburring and complete polishing in your CNC machine, with XEBEC Brush ™

The XEBEC brush uses a ceramic fiber abrasive material instead of abrasive grains.

It has an amazing grinding power and a constant cutting performance.

It does not deform!

See XEBEC Brush™

Spherical deburring cutter and custom-made tool path XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path™

The combination of the spherical deburring cutter and the custom-made tool path enables hole deburring on a 3D curved surface in your CNC machine. High-speed and excellent quality deburring is achieved while maximizing the tool life. The tool path data can be used as soon as being installed on a NC program, saving your time to make your own program.

Tool path data can be used as soon as it is installed in an NC program, saving you time to create your own program.

See XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path™

Choosing the color and size of Xebec brushes

All Xebec brushes they are made of the same property of ceramic fibers available in rods or bristles, of different thicknesses. The thicker the brushes, the more aggressive the cutting action.

The Xebec brushes has 3 essential advantages:

  1. High polishing power

  2. Consistent cutting

  3. It does not deform

They will give you a shorter time, high-quality and costuri mai mici for processing your parts.

XEBEC front-rear deburring cutter

The powRgrip® sistem is the only tool solution on the market, so far, which can compensate for the cutting point of the cutter DURING the contouring, allowing a uniform wear of the edge surface and increase life expectancy of the tool.


  • Deburring front and back of edges on 3D curved surfaces;

  • System composed of deburring cutter and NC program individually programmed;

  • An innovative deburring system for elliptical edges with relocation of the cutting point.


  • Cutter;

  • NC program.


  • Micro-grain-HM: sharp edge with high wear resistance;

  • Highly heat-resistant AlTiCrN coating: wide range of applications, from aluminum to hard-to-work materials such as Inconel or titanium;

  • Spiral cutting edge: creates clean edges and eliminates secondary burrs;

  • Faster processing due to special geometry.


  • Uniform edges by constant removal over the contour;

  • Increased service life by moving the cutting point.

XEBEC Back-Burr Cutter is an innovative deburring solution consisting of a deburring cutter and an NC program (route), specially created for the respective application.

Both components are so perfectly matched that the system works in perfect synergy.

By creating the individual NC program, the cutter follows the contour of the deburring part and removes any burrs that have formed with great precision, without leaving secondary burrs - even on the back of the bores.

More information about XEBEC Back-Burr Cutter can be viewed HERE!

For the most innovative deburring solutions and CNC polishing of metal surfaces, do not hesitate to contact us!