We know and understand that metalworking processes include complex needs and in-depth technical knowledge.

Metal Star has a team of professional people, able to offer consulting and the best solutions, in order to maintain and optimize the production process, at the best costs.

Our over 20 years of experience as a supplier on the Romanian industrial market, recommend us as a reliable partner for any Romanian business in the field of metal cutting.

The wide range of products and related services allows us to support industrial production companies with unique and customized solutions:



In total, we work with over 36 world-renowned manufacturers, with whom we have developed stable business relationships over time. Thus, the dedication to efficiency and quality has been and remains a foundation with which we want to contribute to increasing the productivity of our customers.

And that's because, we aim for each of our client to obtain a reliable solution, by reducing certain costs arising from the metalworking processing.

The products we supply include: cutting tools, equipment and accessories but also related services associated with some of them. Through our services, we propose to any client modern solutions to replace the old technologies with new technologies, which will offer them increased efficiency and productivity.


Metal Star is the specialist that covers the complete requirements in the field of metal processing by cutting, delivering complete support in:

• Selection of tools
• Offering processing technologies
• Optimization of the production process

• Consulting and technical expertise in the field of mold reconditioning;
• Cost analysis and customized solutions through tools, equipment and consumables of the latest generation;
• Specialized trainings dedicated to staff training for:

- High-quality mold polishing;
- Molds welding;
- Reparatii matrite de injectii de mase plastice prin lustruire matrite luciu oglinda;
- Reconditionare matrite prin sudura laser, TIG si PULSE.

• Service in case of need;
• Periodic presentations of news that appear in the field of metal processing.

Metal Star is a successful model, which has proven so far, that it can provide the necessary tools and equipment to companies in the automotive, energy, aeronautical or oil and gas industries.

Our network of suppliers and trained specialists also provide the services that accompany certain products in the catalog, precisely to cover all the needs of mechanical processing by cutting.

The close relationship that we have developed over time with the main suppliers through external visits and exchange of common experiences, offers us the possibility to have permanent access to the latest information and technologies in the field.

Thus, through the presentation seminars held by specialists, this information will be transmitted periodically to our partners, ensuring the flow of new information that will allow them to work in performance conditions.

The technical and commercial competencies of the Metal Star staff allow a truthful analysis of the needs and the offer of qualitative technical solutions.

Following the individual analysis of each client, but also of the latest trends on the mechanical processing market, we will establish a customized product-service solution, which will offer a long-term yield.

Metal Star is the ideal supplier for supporting and increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the Romanian business in the field of general mechanical processing.