As a supplier of cutting tools for threading, Metal Star offers from top partners Vargus, Sandvik Coromant and Dormer - efficient solutions for all the usual methods of thread production, for internal threads in perforated holes and clogged holes, or for external threads. 

Whether the methods are without cutting, such as thread deformation, or by cutting, such as tapping, thread milling, or thread turning, the high quality of the threading tools helps to achieve particularly high productivity, process reliability and profitability. In all commonly used materials, as well as in the really special ones.

Cutting tools for threading can be used in the processing of parts in general mechanical engineering, as well as in the manufacture of punches and molds, in the automotive industry, oil and gas, energy, or aerospace.

The complete range of tools for threading different materials and diameters includes a wide variety of DORMER taps with the highest levels of precision, quality, cost-effectiveness and reliability of the process. For threading on any type of machine, from bench drilling machines to CNC machining centers, solid carbide or high-speed tool steel taps (HSS-E, HSS-PM) are available from DORMER. 

In addition, we also offer buffer gauge range of all sizes!

The high-quality coatings adapted to the material to be processed help achieve the production objectives, such as dimensional stability, short processing times, long tool life and, outstanding results in producing threads.

The shape and geometry of our taps ensure low wear and greater efficiency, for example, by improved chip removal, using optimized grooves and cutting angles.

As a result, our solid carbide or high-speed tool steel taps also meet the high requirements for the production of all types of threads (for example, in the automotive industry).

Thread deformation is often a cost-effective method of thread production. By developing the geometry of the forming edge for DORMER solid carbide or high-speed tool steels (HSS-E, HSS-PM) and high-performance surface coatings, practically all internal threads can be made in all malleable materials using this method.

When it comes to thread turning, VARGUS impresses with threading tools that have one or more cutting edges and have been developed for the precise production of all internal or external threads, common or specific, as well as special threads. In the case of turning tools for threading, very robust tool holders and ISO boring bars, ISO square tails and threading plates with cutting edges of different lengths (11, 16 and 22 mm) and special indexable plates complete the range.

The full profile and partial profile versions of our three-edge indexable pads, for example, are ideal for all common external and internal threads. These different versions of indexable plates make it possible to produce complete and absolutely precise threads with the highest quality of surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

Besides monobloc thread milling cutters, made of solid carbide, the wide selection of VARGUS thread milling cutters also includes thread milling tools with indexable plates. These threading cutters with indexable plates make it possible to produce any type of external or internal thread, of all sizes and in various types of materials, in CNC machining centers. From steel and stainless steel to cast iron, non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, to titanium alloys, thermorefraction and hardened steel, regardless of the profile and pitch of the thread.

With Metal Star, you can always find cutting tools for threading - suitable for almost all applications, cutting depths and workpieces. Orbital thread milling, for example, also makes it possible to produce very deep and also very small internal threads.