Echipamente si scule pentru finisari

For over 77 years, German manufacturer Joke offers equipment and tools for the metal finishing, being a leader on the European market, with a presence in over 28 countries.

Metal Star, the only Joke importer in Romania - offers you equipment and tools for finishing metal surfaces, complemented by premium services for the polishing, engraving and laser welding industry.

We offer you a full package from equipment, consumables and training for surface finishing technologies dedicated to the molding industry.

From grinding to ceramic fiber tools we provide the right tools, which offer you precision and excellent results for all work processes.

The high performance solutions proposed by Joke offers:

Surface processing / grinding equipment
Sanding and polishing tools
Surface quality measurement / evaluation systems
Connected services

Joke's surface polishing tools and equipment meet the needs of polishing, welding, grinding, deburring, manual sanding, or polishing metal surfaces. We have the right tool for every roughness value, which will help you get exactly the quality of the surface you need for the workpiece.

With Joke's innovative services and the expertise of Metal Star specialists, you will be able to completely transform any mold.

See the Metal Star services dedicated to equipment and mold processing!


The grinding and polishing tools offered by Metal Star from Joke include:

  1. Application materials for finishing and superfinishing surfaces made of wood, plastic, paper or materials.
  2. Finishing consumables:

  • Compounds and fluids: Diamond compound polishing system joke Magic, Diamond compounds Hyprez®, lapping, polishing and grinding compounds.

  • Felts and cloths: polishing felts with shank, polishing felt, rings and lenses, brass metallic fiber polishing felts, felt lamellas on shank, felt sticks, felt sheets, and polishing cloths.

  • Lapping tools: wooden lapping and polishing points, wooden and Plexiglas lapping sticks, lapping tools on a shank, lapping and polishing tools, HELICAL LAP.

  • Polishing brushes and buff wheels: fleece polishing wheels with shank, polishing brushes and buff wheels with shank, round brushes, jet brushes, etc.

  1. Classic abrasive consumables, including a wide range of:

    Grinding and polishing stones: joke stones, Gesswein® stones, Boride® stones, Bench stones but also holders for grinding and polishing stones.

    - Emery and fleece toolsemery cords and belts, abrasive sleeve and caps, flap wheels, cup wheel discs, grinding discs, emery sheets and strips.

    - Biax stones with different types of dimensions and uses.

    - Rubber-bonded grinding tools (grinding tools with rubber binder) - are the right choice wherever the highest requirements are imposed for the polished section and its dimensional stability. Metal Star offers from Joke a wide range of such tools, including CRATEX® tool system (for wet and dry sanding).

    Made of unique ceramic fiber XEBEC Ceramic Stone ™ - provided only by Joke in Europe. Use the original abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grains. No breaking, no cracking, no chipping! See XEBEC Ceramic Stone™