Whether machining with conventional lathes and automatic lathes or with the latest CNC-controlled turning and machining centers, Sandvik Coromant- our top supplier, offers cutting tools for innovative turning, which meet the highest requirements for all production processes involved in metal turning. 

For longitudinal, frontal turning, grooved profiling and cutting, as well as for thread turning. Precision turning tools, boring bars and cutting blades are available with ISO standard square tails and Capto ™ supports for turning tools, as well as with all interfaces that are standard in turning applications. For you, this means: maximum flexibility, stability, productivity and repeatability on any lathe.

You will have the guarantee of obtaining top results for any workpiece!

No matter what your machines look like or the machine tools you use - no matter what materials you work with: the complex expertise of Metal Star, which includes each individual turning tool, pays off. This applies to all production methods and turning applications. 

For steel or stainless steel parts, as well as for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals or special alloys based on iron, nickel, cobalt and titanium.

Each of them is adapted to the processing material and has the best coatings for the material in question. Your advantages are the high reliability of the process, as well as an excellent quality of the surface finish and the dimensional stability of the component.

The sophisticated shape and geometry of our turning tools also play a role in obtaining maximum precision for your workpieces.

In CNC turning, as well as in conventional turning production processes, from the cutting edge to the support, from chip removal to cooling - the tools provided by Metal Star are specially designed for the turning task and your operating conditions.

Whether they are straight or curved turning tools, turning tools for grooving or inner tool steel or high-speed steel (HSS) or solid carbide turning tools, up to indexable plates with different positive or negative base shapes, Metal Star - offers you everything you need, so that you always have the ideal tool for all production methods when turning.

Metal Star offers you the best combination of turning tool, tool holder and indexable plate for this. These include not only application-specific cutting shapes and corner radii (for example, in the basic CNMG, DNMG and DCGT shapes), but also various extremely robust tool holders, adapters and boring bars.

Turning cutting tools from Metal Star suppliers offer you special advantages when it comes to the efficient and cost-effective use of tools, in terms of tool costs and turning performance.

Especially in the case of the production of small and medium batches. The reasons for this are their suitability for a wide range of applications and their compatibility with different materials.

The Metal Star offer includes high-performance turning tools, depending on the diversity of materials to be processed:

• Carbide cutting plates for general turning operations in steels;
• CBN cutting plates for turning hard, extra-hard materials, heat-refractory and exotic alloys;
• PCD cutting plates for turning aluminum alloys and non-metals;
• Ceramic sharpening plates for turning cast iron and other hard materials.

Regardless of the processing needs, Metal Star specialists will remain at your disposal with innovative technical solutions, with modern cutting tools for turning metals.