In any metalworking workshop, maintenance or tooling is necessary in addition to specific cutting tools and supplies such as cutting tools, hand tools, clamps, AMCs, power tools, handling - storage devices, protective equipment, fixing devices, greasing - lubrication, chucks, special vices, vibration-absorbing materials, cleaning materials, lifting equipment, tables and workbenches, containers, etc. Also, anything else that is needed in the workshops and not listed here.

We can deliver all this from our partners: Gson - SuediaLackner & Urnitsch - Austria, Link Spa - Italy  Cromwell - England.

Thus, we can supply from these suppliers, in addition to the usual cutting tools, and:

- Drilling guide bushings
- Carrots
- Manual presses
- Files, hammers, protective equipment
- Rotating tips
- Universal lathes, tanks
- Dividing heads
- Tables and fixing links
- Bearings, clamps and T-nuts
- Vibration damping plates
- AMCs, plane-parallel track, scales, thread gauges, scales
- Hand tools, fixed, ring and tubular wrenches, torque wrenches
- Bearing extractors, vices, guillotine scissors
- Micro greasers and tecalemites
- Tables and workbenches, tool cabinets, storage systems
- Industrial chemicals, adhesives, cleaners
- Pneumatic tools
- Lifting equipment, hoists
- Packaging consumables

The brands we represent on the industrial market in Romania are: Kennedy, Yam/oto, Senator, Pferd, Hazet, Tschorn, Rems, Röhm, Bison, Amf, Airloc, Mahr, Gedore, Knipex, Stanley, Bessey, Saphir, Steidle, Wodex, WRK, Kerfolg, Alpa, Mitutoyo, Stahlwille, Ltec, Loctite, EAR, 3M, Lista, etc.