Lang Technik, the world's leading expert in fastening and automation systems for attaching parts to machine tools!

As a pioneer of technologies for fixing and automating works, German manufacturer LANG Technik, develops and produces integrated solutions in the field of automation and Zero-Point fixing systems for all sectors of the processing industry.

Metal Star offers you, through partnership with LANG Technik, future solutions that will simplify your production processes, help you produce more efficiently and ideally exploit your productive capacities.

Our offer also includes parts positioning devices efficient for various processing needs, from renowned suppliers as well Kemmler si NOVA GRUP:

• Precision Mechanical Vise, with ALQ clamping force amplifier
• Precision Mechanical Vise, with AVQ clamping force amplifier
• Precision Mechanical Vise, with HLD self-centering
• AMP precision Pneumo-Hydraulic vise
• Precision Mechanical Vise, Double TLD
• ATD / ATW Precision Mechanical Vise
• Universal control and rectification vise
• Mechanical vise for MWM drilling machine
• Centric mechanical vise NGV.MC.125 (NEW GROUP)
• Mechanical vise NGV.M.125
The vise offer is complemented by a wide range of vise accessories, such as: jaws, hoists, sets and nuts for fixing the channel, handles, cranks, etc.

Zero-Point fixing systems

With over 50 different zero-point solutions and a wide range of customization options, LANG Zero-Point fixing systems are extremely flexible. As the interface between the machine table and the fixing device, Quick·Point® it is available in a very wide range of variants.

Round, rectangular or square, for single or multiple fixing, two different sizes of dashes and spacers (52 mm and 96 mm), Quick · Point® offers a solution for any application.

It can be used both in vertical and horizontal machining centers, at tables with 3 and 5 axes, and in rotary systems 4th axis.

Attaching the zero point plate to the table or plate is easy, through prefabricated templates for holes, for common distances between T-channels, templates for holes and bolts or individual, customized, mounting options.

Ease of use and diversity of applications are unmatched on the market. Due to its modularity, the system can be extended at any time and guarantees the shortest configuration times with the highest accuracy.

Features of Quick • Point® modular boards:

• Mechanical fastening of several plates with a single tightening screw
• Single and double board with 96 mm zero point grid
• Can be combined in the y direction up to 960 mm length (5 clamping units)
• Flexible, adaptable to any car table
• Pulling forces up to 8500 N
• No additional alignment of several boards

ADVANTAGES of Zero-Point fixing systems:

• Reduced machine adjustment time - high-precision change of fasteners, fasteners and workpieces in just a few seconds.

• Modularity - a huge variety of combinable zero boards, which can be enlarged at any time.

• Simplicity - mechanical fixing by means of a tightening screw or quick release.

1) With only 27 mm, one of the thinnest zero-point systems on the market;
2) Very precise, with repeatability < 0,005 mm;
3) Cover discs for mounting holes;
4) Robust mechanical fastening, with an actuating screw or quick-lock fastening device;
5) Rigid, compact base plate, made of cemented and ground steel;
6) Clamping edge with clamps, as one of the few options for mounting the plate on the car table;
7) Ø12F5 bore for concentric alignment, centering gauges are now also available;
8) Channels up to 20H7 for axial alignment.

Robust, wear-free mechanism for maximum durability!

By construction, Quick · Point® is a mechanical zero point fixing system.

A patented plunger system inside the board guarantees repeatability of less than 0.005 mm. Quick · Point® boards are driven by a screw or Quick-Lock device, to ensure a simple and easy operation.

Due to a very small number of wear-free parts, the system is reliable and practical, it does not need maintenance.

Clamping forces up to 6,000 kg.

The concept of mechanical fastening is very simple, as follows: in a cross section of the Quick · Point® bore, the fixing straps are pulled down by side fastening plungers. With an actuating torque of only 30Nm (60Nm for quadruple grid plates 52 & 96), a clamping force of up to 1500 kg per fixing pull is achieved. As an example, this determines a clamping force of 6000 kg when a Makro · Grip® 125 5-axis vise is fixed.

If multiple fasteners are used (for example, if you use your own fixing devices or larger ones), the clamping force increases accordingly. Flexibility has no limits!

The Quick · Point® flexible zero fixing system is suitable for a very large number of applications in vertical and horizontal machining centers and satisfies almost all the needs of fastening on tables with 3/5 axes or rotary systems 4th axis and with the spindle.

The modularity of the system allows the extension of the existing Quick · Point® fasteners at any time and guarantees fast changes with the highest precision.

Macro · Grip® Stamping Unit

Form-Closure technology refers to a technology in which the part (up to a hardness of 45 HRC), which needs to be fixed is imprinted with a defined contour, with a hydraulic pressure (up to 20t), outside the machine tool, before being caught in the fixing device.

In combination with the Macro · Grip® 5-axis vise, Form-Closure technology guarantees the greatest gripping forces, accessibility and reliability of existing processes in 5-part processing.

External stamping

The stamping operation is performed offline. No machine tool is required to prepare the workpiece.

Form-Closure technology

Form-Closure fixing technology offers high clamping forces with low clamping pressure.

Material savings

The minimum requirements for fixing edges mean less material removed, during subsequent operations.

1- Cutting with a saw

2- Stamping

3- Fixing

5 seconds that revolutionize machining parts!

The workpiece is stamped directly on the saw cut or the slag layer of the blank.

Menghina 5 axe Makro·Grip®

The external impression allows the workpiece to be reliably fixed in the Makro · Grip® 5-axis vise with a low fixing pressure.

Deformation and distortion of the material during fixing are therefore excluded, and the wear of the fixing device is reduced to a minimum.

Its compact construction and the use of Form Closure technology make the 5-axis vise ideal for 5-part processing.

The benefits of the 5-axis Makro • Grip® vise

Ideal accessibility in 5-sided processing

The highest holding forces at low tightening pressure

Fastening without distortion and without wear

High material savings due to the minimum requirements for the clamping edge of only 3 mm.

Process reliability and constant grip quality

Ergonomic handling due to the lightweight vices

Stamping technology was invented by LANG almost 20 years ago and can be seen as the heart of the Makro • Grip® worktop.