AUTOMATOR - Industrial marking solutions for all needs

Automator Marking Systems S.R.L is an international company, with over 80 years of experience in the production of marking, engraving, coding, recognition, punching equipment for any type of material and for any type of surface.

The machines and systems from this manufacturer are produced in Italy, and the lenses for the laser systems are produced in Switzerland.

Since 1940, the company has designed and manufactured several industrial marking systems, always taking care of the needs of its customers.

Oferta Metal Star SRL from Automator Marking Systems includes several types of marking: laser marking, impact marking, dots marking machines, mechanical presses etc.

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The company proposes industrial markers for metals and other surfaces, always making efforts for innovation and attention to details.

Thanks to over 80 years of experience, based on the type of material that will be marked, together with Automator Marking Systems, we will offer you the right solution, at right price.

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