Measurement and control devices provided by Metal Star

Metal Star offers you from Mitutoyo and Italia Instruments a complex and modern range of measuring and control devices that will help you obtain, transmit or store informations.
This is because, in any daily processing activity, the need to determine exact numerical values for certain quantities to be measured is essential for obtaining the desired results.
At the same time, our specialists can offer you personalized consultancy for choosing products depending on the applications used.

MITUTOYO – World leader in precision measurement

MITUTOYO is a world leader in the production of precision measuring equipment, offering a wide range of micrometers, calipers and display indicators, to hardness testers, vision measurement systems and 3D coordination.

The complex range of Mitutoyo products, available through METAL STAR, covers the needs of companies for measuring, processing or storing information with high precision and accuracy.

This range includes:

  • Data management 
  • Micrometers
  • Inside measuring instruments
  • Calipers
  • Depth measuring instruments
  • Height gauges
  • Indicators
  • Auxiliary equipment and miscellaneous
  • Calibration Instruments
  • Gauge blocks
  • Sensor systems and laser scan micrometers
  • Digital scale and DRO systems
  • Optical systems/products
  • Form measurement
  • Hardness testing
  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Manual and CNC vision measuring systems

MICROTECH - Techniques for measuring calibers and patterns 

If you are looking for better tradability in the quality department and better precision in measurements, we strongly recommend the digital or computerized tools of Microtech (UA).

We can provide you instruments with a resolution of 0.1µm and precision up to ±1µm with wireless transmission at 50m (free software). This producer from Ukraine offers support including the special requirements related to its own MDS software, thanks to the integrated IT department, also collaborating with Sylvac (Switzerland) for the electronic part of the digital sublers. 

All tools provided will be accompanied by an ISO 17025 laboratory certificate which is included in the price. 

To understand better the Microtech MDS software training and support videos are available, depending on the platform (Windows / Android / iOS) you use:

Also, the MDS software can be downloaded from here!

INSIZE – High quality measurement techniques

With the help of the tools from the INSIZE EUROPE S.L. we can provide clients tools, equipment and machines, which offer a very good price/quality ratio and a large portfolio of products for the quality department. 

An important advantage is the fact that most products come with an inspection certificate directly from the manufacturer.

Dedication to quality, innovation, service and value has created worldwide demand for INSIZE products.