Metal Star offers you through suppliers Sandvik Coromant, Worldia, Dormer and Vargus a wide range from metal milling tools, which guarantees high-performance solutions for any metal milling requirement.

For use in CNC-controlled milling and processing centers, as well as for conventional milling machines - for large volume, as well as for medium and small batches.

The same goes for general mechanical engineering and the manufacture of punches and molds, as well as in the automotive, energy, and aerospace industries - as a supplier of high-quality milling cutters and milling cutters with indexable plates, Metal Star can cover all needs in this field.

To allow you to further optimize metalworking applications and design them to be even more efficient, we provide milling cutters that offer high productivity, while providing perfect results from the first moment.

For each workpiece and on any machine! 

Examples are for front milling and axial milling, contour milling and channel milling, copy milling and profile milling.
From solid carbide or tool steel (HSS) cutters, to special solutions with indexable plates. 

In order to offer you the best possible cutter for any machine, any processing load and any material, alloys of materials for cutting tools and special surface coatings, adapted to the material to be processed, are used.

This results in milling tools that perfectly combine the high level of hardness of the cutting tool material with high surface wear resistance.

Optimized shape and geometry of the metal milling tools provided by Metal Star are properties that guarantee significant advantages and maximum precision in the production of your milled parts.

Thus, as an expert partner for the processing of your milled parts, Metal Star provides you from Sandvik, innovative precision tools for almost any task and application. From mini solid carbide cutters with a diameter of 0.1 mm to front cutters with indexable carbide inserts with a diameter of 315 mm.

Due to the large selection of metal and geometry milling tools, you will always find the ideal solution for your workpiece and material requirements.

You will benefit from a long tool life, high machining volume, reduced wear, short machining times, high surface finish quality and low machining costs.

Aspects apply to all commonly used materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, to thermo-refractory and exotic alloys or plastics.

Metal Star offers you more than a wide selection of cutters for almost all milling machines, for example for CNC machining. We also include special and theme cutters, processing solutions for the automotive industry, or complete solutions adapted to the specific requirements of the energy and aerospace industries.

Metal Star's wide range of cutters and indexable plates offers high performance depending on the diversity of materials to be processed:

• Carbide cutting plates for general milling operations in steels;
• CBN cutting plates for milling hard, extra hard materials, thermorefractory and exotic alloys;
• PCD cutting plates for milling aluminum alloys and non-metals;
• Ceramic sharpening plates, for milling cast irons and other hard materials.

For additional details and the offer of customized technical solutions, regarding the most modern metal milling tools, do not hesitate to contact a Metal Star specialist!