BISON: Professional tools for metalworking

Operating on the market since 1948, BISON solutions is one of the world leaders in the production of systems and professional solutions for clamping and fixing. It also offers engineering and design services for production equipment and processing processes.

The products marked with the BISON brand are famous all over the world for the highest standard of design, production, durability, quality and precision. Behind the highest quality of BISON products is an extremely long life, accuracy, functionality and the trust of our customers.

What can you expect from BISON?

For years it has been producing universals for manual and automatic lathes, machine vises, milling devices and VDI tool holders, delivered in sizes according to customers' individual needs. It guarantees high product parameters due to technological progress and rigorous quality control at every stage of production.

The entire production process takes place on a single industrial platform. Thanks to this fact, at every stage – from casting to final finishing and packaging – BISON knows everything about the products and is able to guarantee high quality and maintain constant control.

Through Metal Star – BISON partnership, you will benefit from a guarantee without compromise when it comes to the quality of the products, materials and technologies used. The condition for marking a product with the BISON brand is strict control and compliance with all quality standards. The products comply with DIN, ISO and ANSI standards.

What BISON products do we offer?

Metal Star offers a wide range of fastening and fixing products and BISON solutions, such as:

  • Manual universals for lathes and rotary tables, made of cast iron and steel, up to 3000 mm in diameter
  • Automatic universals for lathes and CNC centers (hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Docks and accessories for universals
  • Fixed and live centres
  • Horizontal/vertical dividing heads
  • Horizontal/vertical or tilting rotary tables
  • Precision, modular and manual machine vices
  • VDI ports

Manual and CNC lathe chucks (hydraulic, pneumatic), cast iron and steel, up to 3000 mm in diameter.

- Vices for all levels of processing (including heavy processing)

- Indexing fix

- Box Jaws

- Centers (rotating and fixed)

- Spindle tools