Metal Star offers you the performance in fixing the tools for machine tools, through accessories and precision rotary tool holders, from top manufacturers.

Fixing accessories can be:

• Tool holders and drilling chucks
• ISO tool holder pulls
• Combined cutter tool holder
• MK / ISO adapter tool holder
• Weldon tail milling cutter tool holder
• ER-type spring bushing tool holder
• Portscula prindere bucse elastice tip OZ
• VDI tool holder
• VDI and BMT driven tool holders for lathes
• Tool mounting blocks
• ER type elastic bushings

REGO-FIX powRgrip tool fixing systems

REGO-FIX tool holders are designed to meet the stringent requirements of metalworking industry leaders.

These will minimize tool wear, increasing productivity.

The Swiss supplier brings together 3 different tool fixing systems under the Rego-fix brand. Each system has different capabilities to meet your processing needs, but at the heart of each is the goal of Rego-Fix: to provide excellence in the field of fixing tools.

The powRgrip® system

It is designed for sophisticated machining, with a total axial beat of the system TIR ≤3µm at 3 x D.

The powRgrip® tool fixing system meets high machining requirements, ensuring excellent radial beating, vibration damping, as well as easy and safe handling for demanding high-speed milling and drilling operations.

The PGU 9500 fastener received a Red Dot distinction for industrial design, which further highlighted the good usability and outstanding design of the car.

PowRgrip® system is composed of:

High precision powRgrip® bushings

PowRgrip® tool holder

PowRgrip® fixing unit

How the powRgrip system works:

1. Insert the cutting tool into the powRgrip® bushing;

2. Insert the powRgrip® bushing into the powRgrip® tool holder;

3. Fix the bushing and the cutting tool in the powRgrip® tool holder with an automatic powRgrip® PGU fixing unit.

The ER clamping system

It is ideal for standard machining with a radial beat (total indicated reading) TIR ≤5 µm.

ER tool holders, spring bush and tightening nut make the ER System a solid choice for traditional machining applications.

The micRun® system

The micRun tool holders have a total radial beat of the TIR system of ≤3 μm @ 3 x D.

All parts are designed for an exclusive fit, so as to ensure excellent tool grip.

Optimal concentration and vibration damping save time and money!

The innovative technological achievement is reflected in the uniqueness of the tool fixing procedure in a demanding, high-precision environment, as well as in the durability of the fixed tool holder.

Thanks to the unique PGU fixing method, the fixed tools can be used in production quickly and safely.

The advanced technology not only increases the safety of work for the user but also reflects ecological thinking, which is manifested, among other things, by a low energy consumption during the fixing process.

The fastening unit tightens the powRgrip® bushing in its support with a force of up to 90 kN.

The tight fit provided between the bushes and its support creates a radial force, which is concentrated on the tool tail, using the elastic bushing, which secures the tool safely and with a high degree of concentricity.

Fixed and driven tool holder systems for CNC turning centers

Metal Star offers access to branded precision rotary tool holders PRECI-FLEX® from the German supplier Eppinger - no. 1 in tool holder systems - which uses a support with a single base for spring bushes and multiple tool adapters.

PRECI-FLEX® guarantees great benefits for lathes: flexibility, rigidity, economy.

Other tool holder systems can also be preset, but due to their intrinsic inaccuracy at the interface, it is impossible to obtain a precise tool change.

Eppinger's modular tool system raises the bar above precision, flexibility and economy.

Its interface is based on a universal configuration used with elastic bushings.

Elastic bushings, extendable chucks, friction supports, Capto or KM can be easily mounted in the base sport.

At the same time, DECOFLEX® : the special tool holder system for the range of miniature parts, opens new possibilities for cutting the smallest parts.

For additional information on precision rotary tool holders or CNC tool holders, do not hesitate to contact us!

Metal Star will remain at your disposal with innovative systems, which offer you the desired precision and performance!