Band saws for cutting metals

At Metal Star, we have a wide portfolio of band saws so you can choose the optimal tape for your saw and applications.

TB8, a Metal Star brand, M42 cobalt 8% bimetal strip for use in all types of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, including titanium: quality, reliability, performance and flexibility of use are the main features of this top blade sold in use daily, helpful when you need high performance and consistency when cutting.

The strip cloth will be delivered sharp and welded to the dimensions selected by you.

Blade welding is performed on professional welding machines. Delivery of the cutting strips is done within 48 hours of placing the order.

The metal cutting band blades are made of STB8 tape and are designed for cutting solid bars, pipes and profiles, ensuring a high cutting performance. TB8, HSS steel AISI M42 Co 8% - is a high-performance band blade, with variable teeth and a positive clearance angle. It guarantees increased productivity of the cutting process.

It has increased wear resistance and ensures a very high cutting accuracy. It is available in a wide range of sizes and teeth and is recommended for cutting the following materials: construction steel, steel for automata, rolled steel, bearing steel, carbon steel, high-speed steel, non-ferrous, stainless steel, up to titanium.

The correct choice of teeth (number of teeth/inches) is very important because it conditions the obtaining of optimal results.

The welding of the bands is done on machines that use the latest technologies, ensuring a constant and homogeneous welding along the entire length. The result is a range of products that meet a multitude of requirements in any practical application.

From our portfolio, we can also offer band saw blades reinforced with metal carbide teeth, recommended for cutting superalloys, fiberglass, hardened steels, or composite graphite.

Also, for cutting very hard and abrasive materials, such as fiber-reinforced plastic, graphite, hard cast iron, fiberglass, glass, silicon, or quartz - we recommend band saw blades with diamond-reinforced teeth.

Circular saw discs / Cutting discs

The largest range of saw discs in the world, from Ø 15 to 1560 mm, Metal Star, through our top suppliers Dormer and Karnasch Professional Tools, offers a wide range of circular saw blades from HSS and circular saw discs with metal carbide teeth.

Premium circular saw discs guarantee excellent results when cutting almost all materials, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. 

The Karnasch range of circular saw, discs include: HSS-DMo5 circular saw discs, HSS-Co5 circular saw discs, solid carbide circular saw discs, HSS circular saw discs, cermet-plated circular saw discs , diamond or solid carbide.


Over 2,000 types of circular saw discs are available with different cutting widths, number of teeth and side holes, representing the most comprehensive range of circular saw discs in the world.

We also offer circular saw discs with carbide tips from Ø 63 mm to Ø 1560 mm, for processing stainless steel, steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals with different cutting widths, number of teeth and side holes.

For additional information and personalized offers, do not hesitate to contact a Metal Star specialist!