We offer a complete package of fast and precise reaming tools cutting tools which will ensure your high-quality standards.

The Metal Star Metal Star is to reduce operating costs by reducing processing times and improving product quality.

Our suppliers are BECK, DORMER, KARNASCH and iTools (for special CBN and PCD reaming tools).

Metal Star, through our top supplier August BECK is proud to offer a complete package of reaming solutions. Our unique tools for hole finishing applications ensure increased productivity in any production process.

The most experienced boring specialists from BECK help the clients and guide them in selecting the most correct and optimal boring cutting tool for a certain application, in order to obtain the highest finishing standards. 

Cermet, carbide, CBN, PCD and various coatings are used as cutting materials depending on the type of material processed.

Monobloc carbide reamers with high cutting speeds and premium quality are suitable for reaming clogged holes and reaming perforated holes, with or without internal cooling. 

Our range of tools ensures maximum reaming performance, even in hard-to-cut materials.

Monobloc carbide or HSS, BECK, or DORMER reamers have polished cutting edges or special coatings, in combination with specially developed geometries, are excellently equipped for machining steel, stainless steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals and hard materials < 67 HRC.

At your request, we can deliver reamers with intermediate dimensions and special tolerances - even in the short term.

To offset rising tool costs, BECK has in its product range modular tool systems that offer a particularly high degree of flexibility, because tool supports can be equipped with different boring ends through defined connections.

The short tool change times, generally without reshaping, make this type of tool attractive for medium and large batches, because the change can be made directly to the machine.

For the high-performance range, the XR replaceable reamer is available as a monobloc carbide version with special coatings or as a version with brazed carbide blades (also coated), Cermet, or PCD in the diameter range of 8-40 mm. Large diameters (20-200 mm) can be optimally machined with the MULTI CUT cutting ring program, made of Cermet, monobloc carbide, coated or not.

Starting from standard versions, specialists from iTools can also design custom reamers specific to the application. The continuous development of high-performance reamers together with the modern production facilities from iTools offers the best preconditions for the creation of customized solutions. Step reamers, for example, PCD plated for aluminum and aluminum alloys, or CBN for hard or high quality materials, provide additional improvements in productivity and profitability.

Plastering, deburring and chamfering tools complete the BECK, DORMER and KARNASCH product range. The countersinks supplied by BECK, DORMER and KARNASCH are available in HSS, synthesized HSSE-PM, various types of solid carbide and carbide tip, with a wide range of diameters. BECK, DORMER and KARNASCH counters are also available in a kit with four to six different diameters.

For additional information and personalized offers, regarding the offer of reaming cutting tools provided by Metal Star, do not hesitate to contact us!