We offer a modern range of drill sharpening machines, which offer precision and speed in sharpening drills and monobloc cutters. 

Currently, Metal Star offers 16 drill sharpening machines and one monobloc cutter sharpening machine.

These come from an important supplier in Taiwan and are intended for various workshops for normal sharpening.

Whether you want to sharpen a simple HSS or carbide drill, or an application drill with dedicated geometries, Metal Star offers you a solution.

From the M-01 model which can be used to sharpen common drills with 90º to 140º tip angles, centering or scoring drills, up to the M-25 models which can sharpen both standard drills and sheet metal drills in the Ø2-Ø26 range.

Drill sharpening machines allow you to sharpen different types of drills, such as twist drills, step drills, carbide drills, center drills, flat drills, sheet metal and wood drills, as well as Z=2 to Z=4 milling cutters cuts. 

Besides the traditional conical sharpening, other types of sharpening forms can be made, such as, for example, four-sided sharpening.

Both the clearance angle and the tip angle can be set flexibly and appropriately.

Optionally, we also offer various devices useful for sharpening drill bits or cutters:

lighting systems, magnifiers, CBN abrasive discs for HSS drills or diamond abrasive discs for carbide tools.


Using a patented design with precision clamping clamps for optimum bit grip and alignment, these machines are just what you need to bring your old drills back to life. 

All machines are easy to use and have a precision of 0.002 mm.

Sharpening with these high-quality sharpening machines takes less than 10 seconds to make your drills look as good as new!

The sharpening procedure is an essential operation in the technological process of manufacturing sharpening tools.

This directly influences the cutting quality of the tools used. Obtaining effective results is given by sharpening the drill heads, therefore it is good to take into account aspects, such as:

• Maximum sharpening to guarantee increased productivity;
• The roughness of the tool surface obtained after sharpening;
• Simplicity and safety in operation;
• Tool durability.

Incorrect work produced by an unsharpened drill can cause valuable damage that requires additional investments.

Also, the risk of injury to personnel using such a drill is high (small pieces detached from the drill can penetrate fingers, arms or face).

All this can be avoided by the daily use of properly sharpened drills! In this sense, Metal Star provides you with modern drill sharpening machines and special devices to help in the normal sharpening activity.

Thus, the drill sharpening machines in our range have simple construction, but offer multiple operating possibilities, thanks to the standard accessories they are equipped with. For speed and maximum efficiency in sharpening drill bits, day after day!