With over 20 years of experience in threading processes and threading machines, Metal Star Metal Star can advise you in all aspects of your threading work.

We will help you find a quick solution solution for any task related to threading.

We supply the fastest and safest threading machines, both for centering and threading, etc.

We also provide the only threading machine that can thread up to M130, but also, the most complete series configuration and the widest range of optional accessories in the category of threading machines.

The highest precision is obtained with threading machines with articulated arms (which allows working with several tools).

You can choose from 3 categorii de masini de filetat:

1. Pneumatic machines

Threading capacity M2-M24 Horizontal, Vertical or at an angle; You can choose from 5 models

2. Hydraulic machines

Threading capacity M2-M130 Horizontal, Vertical or at an angle; You can choose from 20 models

3. Electric machines:

Threading capacity M2-M45 Horizontal, Vertical or at an angle
Avoid breaking the tool!

With electric threading machines, you save time, resources and tools!
This is because they allow simple control through a touch screen, through which the size, pitch, threading depth, speed and even the maximum torque can be set.

The electric servo threading machine is suitable for threading from M2 to M45 in almost all types of materials. The operation of the suspension and the possibility of threading on the right or left allow safe, flexible and convenient threading. The arm is made of extra-resistant hard aluminum, which prevents deformation, and the force control with an alarm system ensures safe threading.

This is presented as a much more efficient car than the traditional ones, with much lower energy consumption.

Operating the machine through the touch screen ensures ease of use and simple programming for the operator, without the need for specialized knowledge.

The machine can be operated automatically or manually, and the speed range is from 0 to 155 variable rpm , without steps, for an adequate adjustment depending on the type of thread and the material.

Over time, as a supplier of machinery, tools and technological equipment on the industrial market in Romania Metal Star has developed stable collaborative relationships with important top suppliers in this field.

Thus, GAMOR and GOTAP are our reliable suppliers for pneumatic, hydraulic and electric threading machines.

The machines that make up the range of Metal Star threading machines have features that offer efficiency, increased comfort and safety during their use. The ergonomic handles prevent slipping, and the high-quality materials guarantee the long-lasting durability of these machines, in any working conditions.

By choosing the high-precision and high-quality threading machines provided by Metal Star, you will save money, avoiding broken taps and other unnecessary costs.

We remain at your disposal with suggestions and personalized solutions, regardless of the problems you face!

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